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Duties required of Referral Coordinator  set appointments and process transfers to ensure timely transmission and start of services. Primarily connected with the healthcare industry, referral coordinators serve as a liaison for patient resources. This position must be executed in compliance with insurance requirements, and the coordinator will often work closely with insurance companies.

REPORTS TO:                     Referral Supervisor

SUPERVISES:                     N/A

SALARY/STATUS:            Non-Exempt


  • Graduated from accredited school, and High School diploma/G.E.D.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees, patients, representatives of outside agencies and the general public.
  • Professional mannerisms and appearance
  • Ensure that clinical services are available to all clients
  • Demonstrate proficiency in assessment and delivery of all services to a diverse population
  • Adult, Infant and Child C.P.R. certification



  • Schedule outside referral appointment, as directed by PCP.
  • Keep accurate log of all appointments made. 
  • Document in log book: location of appointment, name and specialty of doctor seeing patient, date of appointment.
  • Document referral appointments in medical record.
  • Send all appropriate paperwork and records to specialist.
  • Check referral voicemail regularly; address referral requests appropriately.
  • Perform general office duties that require proficiency in communication and organizational skills.

       Medical Referrals:

  • Review referral and verify patient insurance information
  • Consult with patient regarding scheduling appointment times as needed
  • Verify patient address and phone number
  • Complete medical referral, inform patient of appointment information via mail/phone
  • Fax all pertinent referral information i.e., history and physical, labs last office visit and referral
  • Obtain correct insurance authorization as required per insurer
  • Record referral information in patients chart and referral log

      Other Duties:

  • This position also requires the ability to work at a computer workstation, and some knowledge of a key board. From time to time, it also requires the ability to work long and arduous hours.

I have read this position description thoroughly, and have had an opportunity to ask any questions I have with regard to it.

Location: Springfield, MA
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