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General Description:

The Dental Director sets the standard for the delivery of dental care at the Health Center and ensures that this standard is met.  Responsible for developing and implementing the dental vision of the Health Center. As a member of the Management Team, together with other Management Team members, plans and strategies for future program development and expansion of services.

Reports to:                   President/CEO

Supervises:                  Dental Staff

Salary/Status:               Exempt

Minimum Requirements:

  1. Holds Massachusetts licensure for the practice of dentistry and is in good standing with licensure authorities.
  2. Dental Degree from an accredited college or university.
  3. Experienced with or having a strong interest in addressing the health care needs of low income, special needs or disadvantaged populations.
  4. Committed to community empowerment; sensitive to and respectful of cultural differences of the patient population.
  5. Able to develop and work with a multi-disciplinary team.
  6. Possesses supervisory skills in integrating the needs of the dental staff with the goals of the organization.
  7. Knowledgeable in principles and practices of quality improvement and assurance.

Principal Responsibilities and Duties:

  1. Recruits qualified and committed dentists to the Health Center and supervise and evaluate their practice.
  2. Ensures that opportunities for professional development and continuing education are available to dental staff and to the general staff as well.  Ensures that productivity expectations are met and that qualities of care standards are kept.
  3. Works collaboratively with staff members regarding patient education.
  4. Assures that the quality standards of the dental clinic are maintained and that the Health Center is in compliance with environmental and workplace safety standards.
  5. Develops, maintains and monitors the quality assurance/quality improvement plan of the Dental Clinic and develops such in conjunction with the Board of Directors and the Quality Assurance Committee.
  6. Supervises the clinical work of Limited Licensed dentists.
  7. Available to work with the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operations Officer on financial management and operational matters.
  8. Provides oversight to the implementation of dental programs consistent with the organization’s Health Care Plan which is updated annually.
  9. Participates in the Strategic Planning Process as it pertains to dental functions.
  10. Assists in grant development and dental contracts compliance.
  11. Development of referral system for patient care.
  12. Credentialing of all dental staff, in conjunction with HR Department.
  13. Quality Assurance, benchmarking, data collection-statistics.
  14. Maintains up-to-date policies and procedures for the Dental Department.
  15. Provides oversight on all logs for licensure compliance.
  16. Ensures that all equipment is calibrated on a timely basis
  17. Carries out other functions as deemed necessary by the Board of Directors and President/CEO.

Working Conditions:

1.  This position may require the ability to work long and arduous hours.

2.  There is potential exposure to patient blood and body fluids.

4.  This position requires the ability to use a computer workstation.

Location: Springfield, MA
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