Training-on-the-Job for Dental Assistants

Springfield, MA

The Dental Department of Caring Health Center (CHC) is pleased to accept dedicated individuals who wish to participate in its Training-on-the-Job (TOJ) program for Dental Assistants.

Candidates will be taught the basis of head, neck and dental anatomy; dental materials; dental instruments; dental procedures; and providing patient care. In addition, they will learn how to interact with patients, take dental impressions, provide x-rays, instruct patients in oral hygiene, practice infection control, assist dentists, and deliver excellent customer service. TOJ participants will also receive a detailed introduction to state-of-the-art computer software that is widely used in dental practice.   

As a result, TOJ candidates at CHC will receive a well-rounded education as preparation for licensure exams, and to excel in clinical practice.

Requirements for participation in the CHC TOJ program for Dental Assistants: 

  1. High School Diploma
  2. Candidates must be 18 years of age or older
  3. Must not have previous experience as a dentist, dental hygienist, dental assistant or dental front desk staff member.
  4. Candidates must demonstrate honesty and integrity in all aspects of their engagement in the program, including their involvement with CHC patients, staff, vendors, and other TOJ participants.

This is a full time 20 weeks long program where successful candidates will learn a new profession.

If you are self-motivated, and feel like you learn better with a hands-on job, this opportunity is for you!

Apply online and start to build your career!

JOB CODE: 1000123