HR Coordinator/ Credentialing Coordinator

Springfield, MA

General Description: Works with HR Director and credentialing coordinator to effectively and timely credential and re-credential all medical, dental and behavioral health providers. Helps facilitates the day-to-day function of the HR department as it relates to employee on-boarding, benefits administration, employee policies and procedures.

Reports to: Human Resources Director

Supervises: N/A

Salary/Status: Non-Exempt

Minimum Requirements:

  1. Two years experience working in a Health Care facility and an Associates Degree.
  2. Strong written, verbal and interpersonal skills.
  3. Strong knowledge of Human Resource laws and regulations.
  4. Ability to perform directed tasks and assignments and be process oriented.
  5. Experience working with Microsoft and Google platforms.

Principle Responsibilities and Duties:

  1. Communicate with employees, supervisors, and Workers’ Comp insurance regarding work related injuries.
  2. Maintain at each CHC site appropriate bulletin boards, job postings, and regulatory notices.
  3. Review and process paperwork related to position requisitions for new/replacement positions.
  4. Conduct employment background checks (CORI) on prospective employees.
  5. Assist with new hire orientation program, and process new hire paperwork.
  6. Complete Requests for Verification of Employment for different agencies.
  7. Review employees Personal Files for updated License/Certification Information.
  8. Manage processes of scheduling Interview for open positions.
  9. Work closely with Supervisors to ensure employees Performance Evaluations are  completed on time.
  10. Process and keep track of employee FMLA requests.
  11. Process credentialing applications and reappointment paperwork, checking for full completeness and accuracy.
  12. Ensure new providers and other professional medical staff files are complete and contain all necessary applications and licenses relative to the credentialing and privileging process
  13. Complete all privileging and credentialing applications with all insurers to maintain Caring Health Center ’s ability to collect reimbursements
  14. Maintain all credentialing and privileging files in accordance with CHC, HRSA, and other regulatory bodies
  15. Participate in special projects or other assigned duties as needed.

This position requires the ability to use a computer workstation, viewing a CRT and operating a keyboard.

From time to time, this position requires the ability to work long and arduous hours.

JOB CODE: 1000133