Vice President of Finance

Springfield, MA

General Description:

The Vice President of Finance is responsible to direct the financial management department including the coordination and synthesis of the functional activities associated with budget, accounting, and managerial-financial reporting. In addition, these responsibilities encompass other technical or specialty phases of financial management, such as data processing, financial statement preparation, payroll, purchasing, patient registration, credit, insurance, and cash flow.

Reports to:     Chief Financial Officer and CEO

Supervises:     Billing Director / Senior Accountant / Controller/ Fiscal Grants Manager

Salary/Status: Exempt

Minimum Requirements:

  1. Knowledge of ACO, 1115 Waiver landscape relative to payment methodologies; Pay-for-Performance, Risk Corridor, Coding, Sub-capitation, Fee-for-service, etc.
  2. A four-year degree in accounting from an accredited college or university, Master’s degree preferred.
  3. Non-profit accounting experience.
  4. A minimum of 10 years’ experience in accounting, 5 years at a supervisory level.
  5. Knowledgeable in computer-based medical accounting systems.
  6. Knowledgeable in grants and contract administration.
  7. Knowledgeable in fund accounting.
  8. Knowledgeable in nature and characteristics of administration in public services, including familiarity with laws, regulations, and guidelines pertaining to non-profit operations.
  9. Fluent in English and able to communicate concisely and sensitively and to make clear and concise oral and written presentations.
  10. Reliable and professional in behavior and appearance.
  11. Capable of effectively representing the President/CEO internally with members of the Board, Health Center staff, and in public and business situations in the absence of the CFO.

Principle Responsibilities and Duties:

  1. Work as part of the Management Team of the Health Center.
  2. Supervise cash flow and make recommendations to Chief Financial Officer to ensure efficient procedures.
  3. Create, maintain, and supervise the accounting system and the accounting records.
  4. Prepare all budgets for the Health Center in conjunction with CFO.
  5. Assist Senior Management in Financial planning and results management. Work with other team members to understand Revenue and cost drivers and define appropriate reports tracking.
  6. Supervise the billing system to assure timely billing, collections, and write-offs of accounts receivable.
  7. Create and supervise the internal control system.
  8. Prepare monthly financial statements for the President/CEO’s review and approval.  Work with the Chief Financial Officer, President/CEO, and Finance Committee of the Board to review reports and make appropriate recommendations.
  9. Compare performance with operating plans and standards. Report the results at appropriate intervals.
  10. Provide staff leadership and technical guidance in reviewing, analyzing, evaluating and reporting on program progress in financial terms.
  11. Prepare financial reports to all funding agencies as required.
  12. Work closely with independent auditors on the annual audit, and with other auditors from Federal or State agencies, as well as workers’ compensation insurance auditors.
  13. Identify problem areas and make recommendations to the Chief Financial Officer, President/CEO, and the Board Finance Committee for correction.
  14. Coordinate financial procedures with other departments as necessary.
  15. Develop and maintain a good working rapport with other departments to encourage the timely flow of financial information that is to the mutual benefit of all departments.
  16. Evaluate output requirements in order to design and maintain a financial organizational chart indicating staffing requirements.
  17. Select, develop, and supervise a subordinate staff to assure that written procedures are followed.
  18. Evaluate performance of finance personnel and make recommendations to the Chief Financial Officer regarding salary adjustments, new hires, terminations and transfers.
  19. Update position descriptions and responsibilities as changes in policies, procedures or operations may require.
  20. Review complaints and grievances and make recommendations to the Chief Financial Officer .
  21. Negotiate contracts as directed by the Chief Financial Officer
  22. Attend conferences and other meetings as necessary to keep abreast of the economic environment.
  23. Represent the facility and participate in meetings as required by the Chief Financial Officer and the President/CEO .
  24. Other responsibilities as assigned by the Chief Financial Officer and the President/CEO.
  25. Work with the Chief Financial Officer on ACO objectives.
  26. Work with the Chief Financial Officer to conduct feasibility studies on all capital plan projects.
  27. Work with the Chief Financial Officer and the President/CEO on all strategic plan initiatives and the development.
  28. Participate in Board meetings as necessary.
  29. Preparation Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards (SEFA).
  30. Coordinating, preparing and reviewing monthly, quarterly, and annual reports.
  31. Managing relationships with insurance providers and ensuring compliance.

This position requires compliance with Caring Health Center’s compliance standards, including its Standards of Conduct, Compliance Program, and policies and procedures. Such compliance will be an element considered as part of the regular performance evaluation.

From time to time, this position requires the ability to work long and arduous hours.  Travel within the state and City are required by this position.

JOB CODE: 1000135