Dental Assistant

Springfield, MA

Minimum Requirements:

  • Formal training in dental assisting or completion of an approved dental assisting course.
  • One year experience in private practice or clinic setting preferred.
  • Ability to work accurately, independently and efficiently in a fast-paced environment.
  • Must show discretion in the handling of confidential information.
  • Must possess the ability to interact positively with patients, personnel, visitors and the general public.

Principle Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Assists dentist during examination and treatment of patients.
  • Prepares patient for dental procedures, sterilizes and disinfects instruments, sets up instrument trays, prepares materials, and assists dentist during dental procedures.
  • Takes and records medical and dental histories and vital signs of patient.
  • Pours and trims study casts.
  • Cleans and polishes removable appliances.
  • Assists dentist in management of medical and dental emergencies.
  • Prepares dental supply orders as necessary anticipating needs of clinic.
  • Knowledgeable of dental office clinical equipment and individual maintenance/cleaning schedules for such equipment (autoclave, perio-pro, various low and high speed hand pieces, etc.).
  • Keeps equipment service records on clinical dental equipment.
  • Provides post-operative instructions prescribed by dentist.
  • Records treatment information in patient records as directed by dentist.
  • May be called on to help at the front desk with scanning, confirming appointments, scheduling appointments, preparing bills and receiving payments for dental services, completing insurance forms, and maintaining clerical records, manually or using a computer.
  • Actively participates in staff meetings.
  • Works as part of a team
  • Perform tasks as asked by the Dental Practice Manager to ensure that the Clinic is operating efficiently.
    • Oral prophylaxis
    • Instruct patient in oral hygiene
    • Application of sealants
    • Application of fluoride
    • Expose dental diagnostic x-rays
    • Make preliminary impressions for study casts and occlusal registrations for mounting study casts
    • Application of matrix bands
    • Etching and bonding of tooth surfaces
    • Fabrication of temporary restorations.

In addition to the above, the Certified Dental Assistant may perform the following:

This position also requires the ability to use a computer, work at a computer workstation, viewing a CRT and have some knowledge of a keyboard. 

From time to time, this position requires the ability to work long and arduous hours.

JOB CODE: 000-0013