Medical Assistant

Springfield, MA


Medical Assistants support Providers and Nurses in preparing clients for clinic visits and diagnostic testing. Also responsible for obtaining accurate results and document, laboratory results, medical records and referrals.

REPORTS TO:                         Clinical Site Manager and Clinical Services Director

SUPERVISES:             N/A

SALARY/STATUS:       Non-Exempt


  • Graduated from accredited school, and High School diploma/G.E.D.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees, patients, representatives of outside agencies and the general public.
  • Professional mannerisms and appearance
  • Demonstrate proficiency in assessment and delivery of all services to a diverse population
  • Adult, Infant and Child C.P.R. certification


       Patient Prepping:

  • In accordance with established procedures, take and record vital signs including height , weight, blood pressure, pulse and temperature for all visits
  • Perform tests, i.e., EKG, vision & audio screening, updraft treatments, ppd placement/readings and oxygen saturation as requested
  • Prepare exam room and assist with exam as needed
  • If bilingual, provide assistance to staff in interpretation during visits and phone contact as needed
  • Perform other duties deemed necessary by Site Manager or Clinical Services Director
  • Overseeing providers schedule and management of patient flow
  • Maintain confidentiality of all health center information
  • Schedule patient appointments and follow-up
  • Comply with H.I.P.P.A. regulations

       Maintenance of lab/work area:

  • Keep work areas, exam rooms, and lab clean and orderly
  • Maintain Universal Precautions at all times and follow protocols related to blood/body fluid spills
  • Order lab and clinic supplies as needed
  • Inspect supplies in exam rooms and supply closet minimally every quarter and document in log books

        Laboratory Assistance:

  • Review order sheet
  • Draw, perform and/or collect all lab specimens ensuring specimen integrity
  • Perform urinalysis, hcg, strep testing , finger stick blood glucose,  hgb and lead testing
  • Complete correct lab requisition according to insurance/grant
  • Record completed lab work in lab logs daily
  • Autoclave and record weekly spore count

       Medical Referrals:

  • Review referral and verify patient insurance information
  • Consult with patient regarding scheduling appointment times
  • Verify patient address and phone number
  • Complete medical referral, inform patient of appointment information via mail/phone
  • Fax all pertinent referral information i.e., history and physical, labs last office visit and referral
  • Obtain correct insurance authorization as required per insurer
  • Record referral information in patients chart and referral log

This position also requires the ability to work at a computer workstation, and some knowledge of a key board. From time to time, it also requires the ability to work long and arduous hours.

JOB CODE: 000-0019